How To Help With Oil Spill Clean Up

Gulf Oil Spill Response Booms

A huge Nationwide response is currently taking place to help get hair boom to the gulf coast beaches in need. We have 12 locations spread out through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida that are receiving hair. There are hundreds of volunteers having Boom B Q parties where they’re making the boom.

Thousands are signing up to our database program Excess Access (free and fast) to be assigned where to send hair, fur, waste wool clippings and used nylons (washed, runs ok) for making the booms.

Oil Spill Hair Mats

hair for hair mats

“You shampoo your hair because it gets greasy. Hair is very efficient at collecting oil out of the air, off surfaces like your skin and out of the water, even petroleum oil. Hair is adsorbant (as in “clings to” unlike absorbant which is to “soak up.”) There are over 370,000 hair salons in the US and each collects about 1 pound of hair a day. Right now, most of that goes into the waste stream, but it should all be made into hairmats.” – Phil McCrory, inventor and stylist (see pictures of mats used in SF Oil Spill).

Stylists and barbers are generously mailing in hair clippings to us and excited about this program and cleanup of oil spills. For more information and Salon sign up, please click here.

Salons are sweeping up their hair clippings into plastic garbage bags, reusing the large boxes they get from shampoo deliveries and mailing us the hair. As well as for emergency oil spills, the mats are extremely efficient for drip pans during oil changes or under leaky cars, machinery, pipelines, even as booms for storm drains… See Demo.

Hair can also be stuffed into tubes (booms) made from recycled nylons, tied together to surround and contain a spill. See Photos In Our Posters. Also, hair is also great fertilizer with a slow nitrogen and karetin protein release. Hair prevents weed growth, snail infestation and reduces water evaporation up to 50%. Patent owners, Phil McCrory and our friends at, manufacture hairmats in China. These are for flower growers and farmers who use hairmat strips for commercial rows and in rounds for flower pots.

to help plesae go to


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