Project Blue Green's Journey

Project Blue Green officially started in January 2008 in Boynton Beach, Florida. The idea was born when three companies (H2Ocean, Ocean Aid, Vet Aid) joined together to make a difference in taking care of the environment. Founder Eddie Kolos grew up on the east coast of South Florida and always had a deep passion for the Ocean. As an avid surfer and fisherman he understood the importance of a healthy Ocean. He also understood the vital mineral properties in the sea salt which could be beneficial to human skin care. From this knowledge he continued to be awarded three patents consisting of sea salt and water for topical use on the skin. His ideas of safe and natural skin care were accepted quickly in the market. As his companies started to flourish he decided it was time to make a conscious effort to give back to the environment, especially the Oceans, by changing many of the companies’ daily routines. By the simple act of recycling used boxes, paper and aluminum the companies have saved the equivalent of 2000 trees.  The purchasing of raw materials has been directed only at other companies that are environmentally friendly. Employees are reminded of the importance of protecting the environment and are encouraged to attend green events such as beach clean-ups.

The future of Project Blue Green is now and new processes and methodologies are being put into place. The addition of solar power and energy-efficient lighting is currently being installed in the facilities. Teaming up with other reputable organizations and foundations will strengthen the cause. Currently, the organization’s Project Blue Green is affiliated with Green Team America, which is a national high school club that promotes saving the environment. Surf Riders Foundation proactively tries to protect the oceans. The Ocean Foundation, funds projects to clean up and protect the Oceans. South Florida Keep the Beaches clean association, organizes and conducts beach clean-ups along the coast of Florida.

Eddie Kolos hopes that leading by example will make many more companies follow and help the World become a cleaner and healthier place to live.


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