Cruise Ship Pollution

Earth Day Tip #3

Before you book your next cruise, research your options. Cruise ships, which once polluted the sea with excess waste and oil, have become increasingly eco-friendly. When shopping around, ask about the cruise line’s environmental policy (i.e. recycling methods, types of fuel, port information).

Cruise ships generate an astonishing amount of pollution: up to 25,000 gallons of sewage from toilets and 143,000 gallons of sewage from sinks, galleys and showers each day.

Currently, lax state and federal laws allow cruise ships to dump untreated sewage from toilets once the ships are three miles from shore.

Within three miles, cruise ships can dump sewage from toilets that has been treated by marine sanitation devices, which have been shown to be inadequate. In addition, sewage from sinks and showers can be dumped without treatment.

Our coastal environment and marine life are at risk from the threats of bacteria, pathogens and heavy metals generated in these waste streams.

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