What Can Boaters Do to Help

1. Reduce what you use by bringing aboard reusable beverage containers. If this is not possible, bring back to the dock what you brought aboard, recycle.
2. Anchor over a sandy bottom whenever possible, avoid anchoring on coral.
3. Choose a new non metallic, non toxic bottom paint for your vessel.
4. Rather than using bleach or borax, consider using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning chores.
5. In place of plastic bags, utilize cloth or canvas bags for errands to the store or to carry supplies to the boat.
6. Use non toxic, natural, biodegradable cleaners for your boat.
7. Shop for sustainable seafood, more information may be found here: www.mbayaq.org/cr/seafoodwatch.asp.
8. Use your boat’s holding tank and pump out the tank at an appropriate pumpout facility.
9. Switching to LED lights aboard your vessel will lower your energy consumption.
10. Share what you have learned about reducing, reusing and recycling with your fellow boaters.


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