International Surfing Day 2011


7th Annual International Surfing Day
June 18th & 20th, 2011

Surfrider’s, Treasure Coast Chapter will hold three events incelebration of the 7th Annual International Surfing Day.

  • Live Music
  • Beach Challenges
  • Beach Clean-Up (9:00 AM to 12:00 PM) – Water, gloves, and garbage bags provided.  Bring your own reusable cup!
  • Paddle Out with Drum Circle Serenade from 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM
  • Tarp Surfing by Cowabunga
  • Bounce House
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Chaos Sound will be presenting live events throughout the day and evening.  Live preformances by:

  • Cody Rutland & Friends
  • Daine Wenzel Cumberland
  • Rustico Drop
  • A-Tribe
  • Scott Benge
  • Ohana Band
  • Tristan Harvey Project
  • In Motion

The Beach Challenges will include a prize for the person who collects the most cigarette butts, along with the following 14 Beach Challenges sponsored by our corporate sponsors with on-site and grand prize opportunities.

  Challenge: “Most Unique Piece of Trash”
Prizes: Photo Submission                                                                                                                 

  1. On-Site: “Save the big Fat Whales” DVD
  2. Grand Prize: Electric Prize Pack w/ sunglasses, backpack, sweatshirt, and more…
  Challenge: “Eventually Everything Ends Up in the Ocean”- Inland Clean-Submission Details include place, # of participants, amount of trash, and how far from beach
Prizes: Photo Submission

  1. On-Site: Ocean Minded Hat or Sandals.
  2. Grand Prize: 1 Ocean Minded product a month for a year
  Challenge: “Matix Branding”- Brand body with Matrix logo (use stencil, tape, sunscreen, etc…)
Prizes: Photo Submission

  1. On- Site: Matix Tee
  2. Grand Prize: Matix Prize Pack
  Challenge: “Most Alternative Material Ridden on a Wave”– i.e. door, piece of wood, etc…
Prizes: Video Submission

  1. On-Site: Could include Coozies, Bottle Openers, Fin Keys, Wax, Painters Hate,
  2. Grand Prize: DVS Prize Pack
  Challenge: “Eco-Friendly Video Contest”- eco-friendly content No more than 3 minutes
Prizes: Video Submission

  1. On-Site: O’Neil Trucker Hat
  2. Grand Prize: O’Neill Surf or Swim Package
Prizes: Photo Submission

  1. On-Site: Reef Wax Kit
  Challenge: “Make the best Trash Skateboard”– Must be created on-site
Prizes: Photo Submission

  1. Grand Prize: Complete Sector 9 Skateboard
  Challenge: “Best Trash Sculpture”
Prizes: Photo Submission

  1. On-Site: Vans T-Shirt or Hat
  2. Grand Prize: Vans Prize Pack
  Challenge: “Biggest Piece of Trash”= On-Site at ISD
Prizes: Photo Submission

  1. On-Site: Volcom Socks
  Challenge: “Most Plastic Bottles”– On-Site at ISD from anywhere that it would otherwise not be recycled
Prizes: Photo Submission

  1. On-Site: “Free as a Dog” DVD
  2. Grand Prize: Pair of Recycled Board Shorts
Prizes: Photo Submission

  1. On-Site: Quiksilver “Cypher” DVD
  2. Grand Prize:
  Challenge: “Rip Curl Encourages you to Search but don’t Destroy”
Prizes: Photo Submission

  1. Grand Prize: TBD
  Challenge: “Leave Only Footprints” Sand Sculpture- create a sand sculpture of a foot& Keeping the “Leave Only Footprints” theme in mind, take a picture of your local beach or recreation area post at
Prizes: Photo Submission

  1. On-Site: Globe Tote Bag or DVD
  2. Grand Prize: Globe Summer Kit
Challenge: “Brighten Up Your Kit”
Prizes: Photo Submission

  1. On-Site: Spy Coozie, Beach Ball, or Sunglass String
  2. Grand Prize: Pair of Spy Shades
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