Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Resources and Links

Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation (GHOF) has a variety of excellent resources and links. You can find documentaries, ways to educate children on the importance of Sharks in our ecosystem, partnerships, workshops, and more. Check it out by clicking here.

April Coral Chronicals – Coral Restoration Foundation

EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT A CRF™ INTERNSHIP We are helping to nurture tomorrow’s leading marine scientists. We offer vocational training to university-level interns, providing them with a structured learning environment and the opportunity to contribute on a professional level to a growing non-profit. CRF™ interns can expect to be challenged, mentored, and inspired […]

“Diving In” to April 2022 with the Coral Chronicles

ARTICIPANT PERSPECTIVE CRF™ offers Dive and Snorkel Programs that are single-day events, perfect for an impactful vacation. Don’t just take it from us; take it from some of our Dive Program participants! This year, the Marine Conservation Happy Hour podcast hosts attended a Coral Restoration Foundation™ Dive program that didn’t quite go according to schedule. […]

Oceans Acidifying Fastest in 300 Million Years Due to Emissions!

Oceans absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, changing their pH and endangering marine life. Photograph: Justin Borucki/Image Source The Earth’s oceans may be acidifying faster than at any point during the last 300 million years due to industrial emissions, endangering marine life from oysters and reefs to sea-going salmon, researchers said. The scientists found surging […]