Reasons to Recycle your Christmas Tree

Christmas 2010: How to recycle your Christmas tree

Have you long been wondering what are the productive ways to dispose of your Christmas tree after the holiday? The recycling and reuse options are numerous.

Any idea that you get about recycling your Christmas tree will be better than simply throwing it away. Unleash your creative powers – you can end up having some really beautiful decorations or useful products.

Here are several easy to execute Christmas tree recycling ideas. Make use of one of them, in order to feel fulfilled and ecologically-oriented once the Holiday is over.

Search for a local Christmas tree recycling center or an organization. Once you get in contact with these people, they will dispose of the tree that you no longer need.

In order to get your tree ready for recycling, you have to follow several basic steps. Obviously, you have to remove all ornaments and decorations. Depending on the organization’s requirements, you might be asked to cut the tree.

Contact the center in advance to find out about its requirements and get your Christmas tree ready for recycling.

You can turn your Christmas tree into a number of beautiful garden decorations. The simplest and most environmentally-friendly option is to turn it into a bird habitat the way it is.

The wood can be used to create an intriguing and weird sculpture. All you need is some carving tools and lacquer. Strip the branches off the needles and remove the ones that distort the aesthetic effect. The rest is up to you.

You can also dress the tree in tiny lamps to create a beautiful light piece.

Remove the branches and use the tree as a flowerpot holder. You might need several metal rings, in order to fasten the pots into position.

In case you find a woodcutting machine, you can turn your Christmas tree into garden mulch or compost.

Mulch is any type of substance used to cover soil in order to keep moisture and heat inside. If you are into gardening, the creation of home-made mulch might be the best option.  Anyhow, using organic mulch is always a better option than going for synthetic materials.

If you have a decorative lake, you can use pieces of your old Christmas tree to make decorations or to create fish habitat.

You can submerge the entire tree or pieces of it, in order to create places for fish to hide and rest in.

Naturally, you will have to add something heavy to the tree, if you are to keep it underwater. This way, you will make your pond more attractive. Keep in mind that you can do the same in the case of a natural lake or a pond.

Recycling your tree helps protect the environment and keeps your community beautiful. Recycled Christmas trees are used for mulch, water conservation, weed control, and along hiking paths. They are also sunk in water for fish.

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