Beach Clean Up: International Coastal Clean-Up 2010

International Coastal Clean-Up 2010

Time: Saturday, September 25 · 9:00am – 2:00pm

Location: Freddrick Douglas Beach and Blind Creek Beach

Created By: Tc Surfrider Chapter

We had an outragous turn out last year with over 50 volunteers and atleast 300lbs of garbage just off these two beaches. Many ask why these 2 beaches. Simple answer these are just a few of the beaches in our 2 counties that get neglected. We never see the trash here unless the current brings some of it to the more populated beaches. So we are trying to make everyone aware that the trash you leave either on the beach or even on the highways eventually make to our oceans and just a small portion of it gets trapped in our mangroves and beaches. So please save the date, pick a beach, and bring some freinds. Everyone that comes out to help 18 and up gets into the Volunteer Appreciation Party at Copa Cabana’s later that night. With live music free food and drink specials all night. Oh yeah did I forget everyone’s favorite raffle. Yes or sponsors and local surf shops will be donating some cool shwag for you to take home.


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